P.A. 1 / S.O. 1.1 - N. 357


Sustainable and innovative Agro food and fisheries value chain for MSME’s cross border market

Project Summary

The overall objective of FOOD4HEALTH is to enhance the competitiveness of MSMEs and favour the access to the market in the cross-border area through the improvement of production techniques, the transfer, sharing and adoption of European quality standards and the enhancement of typical and traditional products of the agri-food sector and fisheries. Cooperation among partners will also increase the innovation community networking and will give more opportunities to SMEs and start-ups to access funds and international markets. Finally, the project will envisage the creation of the Food4Health platform focused on traceability of product origin, food education, innovation demand and supply, virtual communities of practices


Total budget 4 964 651.20 EUR
EU Contribution IPA co-financing 85%
Duration 2019 / 2022

Main Outputs

-    Common protocols for strengthening framework conditions and EU standards on agri-food and fisheries

-    No. 5 pilot plants "FOOD4HEALTH Community Labs”

-    FOOD4HEALTH platform for sharing information and knowledge

-    Clusters among research and business actors in the agri-food and fisheries sector

Project Partnership
Lead Partner
Ministria e Bujqësisë dhe Zhvillimit Rural (AL) - Contacts: Enea Hoti, Secretary General - enea.hoti[at]
Project Partners
  1. Qendra e Transferimit të Teknologjisë Bujqësore në Korçë (AL)
  2. Qendra e Transferimit të Teknologjisë Bujqësore në Vlorë (AL)
  3. Istituto Agronomico Mediterraneo di Bari (IT)
  4. Regione Puglia, Presidenza - Health Marketplace (IT)
  5. Regione Molise – Servizio Cooperazione (IT)
  6. Ministarstvo poljoprivrede i ruralnog razvoja (ME)
  7. Univerzitet Crne Gore, Institut za biologiju mora (ME)